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First Judicial District Court

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Division I Schedule

Judge Francis J. Mathew
Last Updated: 12/28/2021

In-Person Hearings

Pursuant to the New Mexico Supreme Court Order No. 21-8500-015 effective July 19, 2021, the following types of hearings will be conducted in person, absent a court order requiring remote proceedings: 1) kinship guardianship; 2) order of protection; 3) cases with a PQ designation; 4) cases with a sequestered case designation; and, 5) termination of parental rights.  Civil bench trials are presumed to be via google meets, absent a court order requiring in person proceedings.  Parties may request in person bench trials and such requests are subject to approval of the presiding judge and the chief judge.  

Remote Access (Effective for all other hearings)

See Sixth Amended Notice Below

Appear by video:

Appear by telephone: Phone number: 1-(401)-594-2884 and PIN: ‪457 389 237#.

JURY TRIALS NOTICE – Dated 6/2/2020

On May 28, 2020, the New Mexico Supreme Court issued its Order No. 20-8500-020 concerning the lifting of its suspension of civil and criminal jury trials. Under the terms of the Order, New Mexico Courts may recommence jury trials under certain conditions, including maintaining social distancing of no less than six (6) feet of separation, limiting room occupancy to fifteen (15) people, including judges and court staff, except with permission, and requiring all persons in and around the courthouse to wear masks at all times.

For the 1st Judicial District Court to comply with Order No. 20-8500-20, it has been left with only two (2) spaces that can accommodate jury trials requiring a panel of twelve (12) jurors plus two (2) alternates. One space is the Ceremonial Courtroom, currently assigned to Judge Biedscheid, and the other space is the Jury Assembly Room where our juries have been chosen and assembled throughout the trial dockets. These two (2) spaces will necessarily have to be shared by eight (8) judges. Each space will be shared by four (4) judges.

At this time, it appears that six (6) person juries may go forward in the standard courtrooms with the jury deliberation rooms being utilized under the current space and social distancing limitations.

The Ceremonial Courtroom must be used for judges with criminal dockets due to security requirements. The Jury Assembly Room will be shared by four (4) civil judges. This Division, Division No. 1, has been assigned to the Jury Assembly Room for the purpose of conducting jury trials.

The Jury Assembly Room requires certain modifications including mobile monitors for evidence displays and will not have certain podium electronic capabilities. Both spaces require the use of adjoining courtrooms for jury deliberations, resulting in the loss of these courtrooms for hearings and bench trials during jury trials.

To accommodate the space sharing by four (4) judges, the Court has been required to suspend the current assigned jury docket schedules. In an attempt to provide each judge with as much time as possible in the available spaces, the Court is contemplating assigning each judge a two (2) week jury docket on a rotating schedule. The Santa Fe civil judges’ dockets will typically commence on Mondays.

Juries in the 1st Judicial District will no longer be chosen for the entire scheduled docket on the first day of the judge’s docket. Smaller jury panels will be called so that social distancing may be maintained and room occupancy limitations complied with. This will likely mean that multiple panels will need to be called and staggered throughout the day and that individual voir dire of potential jurors will be more limited. It could and probably will mean the use of an entire day to assemble one (1) twelve (12) person jury with alternates. Juries for trials will be chosen on the first day of the re-assigned trial date(s), and trials will commence as soon as the jury has been chosen.

Trials in this Division will continue to be scheduled on a trailing docket basis. So that as many jury trials as possible may be conducted, this Division, Division 1, will be typically limiting trial times to five (5) days, including jury selection.

In this Division, Plaintiffs will be allowed 60% of the trial time for their case and defendants without counterclaims will receive 40% of the trial time; provided that cases with counterclaims will receive a 50/50 time split. All trial time will be calculated strictly on a percentage of the total trial time, including opening statements and closing arguments, without regard to actual time spent on direct or cross-examination. Cross-examination will be limited to 75% of the time used in direct examination. Reasonably anticipated evidentiary objections will necessarily be required to be resolved before trial. Opening statements and closing arguments will be limited in time.

Until the Courts can safely conduct twelve (12) person jury trials in our standard courtrooms with our standard deliberation rooms, there will be certain cases that will not be able to have a trial conducted due to the limited space and the number of parties and attorneys involved. The Court is researching potential alternatives for these cases. Unfortunately, the Court cannot predict when this situation may change or when viable alternatives may be found.

We are all cognizant that this is a temporary situation, but it is a situation without a predictable end. It may last more than a year without any way to predict when we may be allowed to return to operations similar to those in place before the current public health emergency.


Dated May 10, 2021

(Effective for All Hearings Set On Or After May 31, 2021)

Until the current operating guidelines for the New Mexico Courts which have been put in place concerning the Coronavirus are modified, parties and attorneys are required to appear for all hearings telephonically or through video conferencing. Parties and attorneys are required to appear telephonically or through video conferencing for any hearing, including pretrial conferences, by providing notice to the Court at its email address at least one (1) business day prior to any such hearing and:

1.  Appearing by video through the following computer link connection:; or

 2.  Appearing by dialing the following phone number and using the pin number when prompted: Phone number:1-(401)-594-2884 and PIN: 457 389 237#.

3.  This is not a private hearing room and other hearings may be in progress when you join, therefore, you are required to join muted or immediately mute your phone/microphone upon joining and not speak until the Court calls you or announces your case.

4.  There is no charge to participants for this service.

 5.  Cell phones, speaker phones and microphones can cause background interference and a garbled presentation, so you are requested to use telephone handsets when appearing telephonically, or to mute your phones/microphones when not speaking.

6.  Although the proceeding may be remote, all rules governing demeanor, dress and recording remain in effect.

7.  The official record of any hearing is the record taken or recorded by the Court’s Reporter or Monitor and must be used for all purposes.

8.  All attorneys arguing or presenting evidence shall appear by video. 

9.  All witnesses shall appear by video unless excused by the Court prior to the hearing. 

10.  All witnesses, including parties who are testifying, shall be alone, physically separated from attorneys and other persons in a separate room and shall not be coached during their testimony by any person using any means of communication including, but not limited to, electronic communication.

11.  This Notice is effective for all hearings scheduled on or after May 31, 2021, until further notice by the Court.

 In person courtroom attendance by attorneys and parties shall only be allowed on an emergency basis upon motion and order of the Court.  Spectators, media and visitors are not allowed in the courtroom, but may attend through the same media available to parties and attorneys in accordance with applicable New Mexico Supreme Court Orders and Rules. Spectators, media and visitors are not required to notify the Court of their attendance prior to any video or telephonic hearing.

Please monitor the Court’s website for notices concerning current courtroom procedures and guidelines.


Voluntary (all parties must agree by written stipulation filed no less than forty-five days prior to trial)



Six (6) person jury

One (1) alternate

Three (3) peremptory challenges per side

Jurors may sit for more than one (1) trial

Rule 1-038 applies

Selected at regular jury selection for docket first

Void Dire

i. Judge regular
ii. Each side limited to fifteen (15) minutes

Trial – One (1) day

Openings – fifteen (15) minutes

Closings – fifteen (15) minutes

Presentations – two (2) hours per side

i. Cross-examination – seventy-five percent (75%) of time of direct examination of each witness
ii. Example – Direct examination is 1 hour; cross-examination is limited to 45 minutes with 15 minutes remaining for direct and cross-examination of another witness within presentation time

Experts – Evidence limited to reports, not to exceed ten (10) pages, not including expert’s CV.

Pretrial Procedures

Standard pretrial procedures, including the filing of the pre-trial orders no later than the date of the Pre-trial Conference and no extensions to be granted.

Rules of Evidence apply

i. Objections to authenticity and admissibility of exhibits must be made and ruled upon before trial with all such objections made no later than the date of the Pre-trial Conference and responses to objections made two (2) days after objections; no reply permitted
ii. Designations and objections to depositions ruled upon before trial
iii. Motions In Limine made no later than the date of the Pre-trial Conference ruled upon at same time as exhibits, including objections to expert qualification and testimony
iv. Jury Instructions in accordance with standard scheduling orders, but jury instruction conference held in the week before jury selection

Post trial matters

Nonbinding verdict

i. Priority setting on next docket as regular setting without summary jury limitations and new pre-trial order

Deadlocked jury

i. Priority setting on next docket as regular setting without summary jury limitations and new pre-trial order

Binding verdict

Judgment entered

d. Costs and fees, not awarded

Jury dockets

Four (4) days following jury selection reserved for Summary Jury Trials

Remaining docket- not Summary Jury Trials

i. Trials limited to five (5) days, if more than one (1) trial remaining at Pre-trial Conference
ii. Presentations divided sixty percent (60%) – Plaintiff and forty percent (40%) Defendant
iii. Rules of Procedure and Evidence apply

Notice Re Motions

In all cases that have been assigned to Judge Mathew, it will be necessary for counsel to follow the “Motions Package” procedure stated in Local Rule 1-306(G):

  • At the expiration of all responsive times, under Rule 1‑007.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure for the District Courts, the movant shall submit to the court a copy of the motion, response, any reply and a request for hearing . . . in a “package”. The submission of the “package” alerts the court that the motion is ripe for decision.

Even if you have previously submitted the Motions Package to another judge, it will be necessary to resubmit it to Judge Mathew if you still need a hearing on a motion. It is insufficient to file a notice of completion of briefing without the Motions Package. It is insufficient to file a request for hearing and notice of hearing without the Motions Package.

If no response is filed within the time prescribed by Rule 1-007.1, please follow the procedures specified in Local Rule 1-306(D), and serve a copy of a proposed order to the other side with proof of service and submit a copy of the proposed order to the court with a copy of the motion and a notice that no response has been filed.

Notice Re Expedited Motions

If you seek an expedited hearing, i.e., a hearing before the expiration of the time limits set forth in Rule 1-007.1, please follow the procedures in Rule 1-306(I), including stating in the motion the reason for expedited treatment.

These notices apply to all Civil and Domestic Matters in which a party is represented by counsel.

Instructions for Case Scheduling Conference

Interpreter Scheduling

To avoid delay or the rescheduling of your hearing, you must notify the TCAA at 455-8155 within 5 days of your scheduled hearing that an interpreter is needed.

Weather Delays and Closures


01/10/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2021-00002 Carol Wawrychuk, et. al.,
Lisa Bybee, et. al.
MOTION HEARING Miscellaneous Civil

Comment: Motion to Compel Discovery against Defendant States and Motion to Compel Discovery against Defendant California Casualty

Plaintiff Wawrychuk, Carol; Wawrychuk, William Atty: Green, Barry
Defendant Bybee, Lisa; California Casualty Indemnity Exchange; States, Danielle Atty: Hatch, Jesse Clark; Garcia, Arturo Ricardo


01/11/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM D-101-CV-2021-02262 Melissa Mascarenas
City of Santa Fe
WRIT HEARING Civil Violations, Statutes, Ordinances

Comment: Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandamus

Plaintiff Mascarenas, Melissa Atty: Stalter, Kenneth H.
Defendant City of Santa Fe Atty: Brennan, Christina L.g.

3:00 PM D-101-CV-2018-01610 Buckman Direct Diversion Board
CDM Smith Inc, et. al.
STATUS CONFERENCE Miscellaneous Civil


Plaintiff Buckman Direct Diversion Board Atty: Catero, Jennifer Hadley
Defendant CDM Smith Inc Atty: Sexton, Kevin M.

3:15 PM D-101-CV-2019-01997 Elizabeth Scarinzi
Presbyterian Healthcare Services, et. al.
MOTION HEARING Tort Malpractice, Product Liability

Comment: Plaintiff’s Motion to Seal Plaintiffs’ Motion to Enforce Settlement and Response to Defendants’ Motion for Enforcement of Settlement

Plaintiff Scarinzi, Elizabeth WHITE, PETER D Atty: Curtis, Lisa K. WHITE, PETER D
Defendant Lance, Craig Phillip, MD; Mullen, Sean E, DO; Presbyterian Healthcare Services; Presbyterian Medical Group; Radiology Associates of Albuquerque PA Atty: Maggiore, W. Ann; Behm, Mary Moran


01/12/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM D-101-CV-2020-01551 Barry Green
GSL Properties Inc

Comment: Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel

Plaintiff Green, Barry Green, Barry Atty: Davis, Ben Green, Barry
Defendant GSL Properties Inc Atty: Dempsey, Dustin Dwayne

10:30 AM D-117-CV-2011-00521 Corlinda H. Lujan et. al.,
Acequia Mesa del Medio et. al.

Comment: Defendants’ Motion for Attorney’s Fees

Plaintiff Lujan, Corlinda H.; Lujan, Ida M.; Lujan, Pablo Atty: Bartell, Randy S.
Defendant Acequia Mesa del Medio; Bensen, Elise P.; BLAINE, TOM; Chacon, Helen M.; Chacon, Henry; Chacon, Teodoro; Garcia, Connie; Garcia, Estella; Garcia, Richard; Gonzales Lujan, Mary Ann J; Gonzales-Lujan, Mary Ann J.; Herrera, Levi; Herrera, Tomasita; Lovato, Rose; Lucero Maestas, Patsy; Lucero-Maestas, Patsy; MADRID, IDA; Madrid, Ida; MAESTAS, RON; Maestas, Ron R.; Martinez, Belarmino; Martinez, Gloria; Martinez, Jose Leandro; Martinez, Magdalena L.; Martinez, Ricky; Mary Ann J. Gonzales-Lujan, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Angie M. Romero; Medina, Consuelo V; Medina, Consuelo V.; Medina, Frank; MEDINA, FRANK; Morfin, Annette; Morfin, Annette; Morfin, Annette; Morfin, Benito; Morfin, Joaquin; Morfin, Leonard; Romero, Angie M.; Salazar, Cleotilde; Salazar, Leo; Salazar, Maria Elena; Salazar, Santana; Salazar, Steven D.; Valdez, Elaine; Valdez, Inc.; Valdez, Larry Manuel; Valdez, Mark W.; Valdez, Sandra; Velasquez, Gabriel A.; Velasquez, Jr., Rudy Ben; Velasquez, Jr., Tomas A.; Velasquez, Luis Tobias; Velasquez, Wayne D.; Young, Samuel H. Atty: Ode, Connie; Pro Se; Shoenfeld, Peter B.

11:00 AM D-101-CV-2020-00801 Nursel Gurler
Santa Fe Dealership Acquisition LLC, et. al.

Comment: Defendants’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

Plaintiff Gurler, Nursel Atty: Mattison, Nicholas H.
Defendant American Honda Finance Corp; Hartford Fire Insurance Company; Medina, Robert; Santa Fe Dealership Acquisition LLC; Schliesman, Steve Atty: Chapman, Donna L.; Cogar, Kalin Angela

11:30 AM D-101-CV-2020-02540 WV 23 Jumpstart LLC
Tiger W Mynarcik, et. al.

Comment: Defendants’ Motion to Recover Costs and Fees

Plaintiff WV 23 Jumpstart LLC Atty: Kluthe, Ryan
Defendant Antiqua LLC; Mynarcik, Jill; Mynarcik, Tiger W; Tradewind Companies LLC Atty: Ferguson, Kenneth Joseph

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2018-02068 Robert Sandoval, Jr., et. al.,
Express Transportation of New Mexico, et. al.

Comment: [Jury]

Plaintiff Jaramillo, Geraldine; Sandoval, Adrian; Sandoval, Robert, Jr.; Sandoval, Sherrie Lopez, Todd Atty: White, Stuart R. Lopez, Todd
Defendant Express Transportation of New Mexico; Logisticare Solutions, LLC; Triple D Medical Transportation LLC Atty: Stiff, John S.; Cuff, Tyler M.

1:30 PM D-101-CV-2020-01451 Todd M Lopez
Cynthia R Miller, et. al.

Comment: Cynthia R. Miller’s Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint

Plaintiff Lopez, Todd M Atty: Ross, Michael C.
Defendant Meeks, Clinton H; Miller, Cynthia R; Tonys Transfer Inc Atty: Sedillo, Raul P.; Tawney, James Daniel

2:00 PM D-101-CV-2021-00868 Flavio Gurule, et. al.,
Joseph Vialpando

Comment: Motion for Order Disallowing a Jury Trial and Allowing a Bench Trial

Plaintiff Gurule, Flavio; Gurule, Myrna Atty: Richards, Robert
Defendant Vialpando, Joseph Atty: Sandoval, Richard A.


01/13/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM D-101-CV-2021-02295 Aaron Borrego
First Judicial District Attorneys Office, et. al.
WRIT HEARING Civil Violations, Statutes, Ordinances

Comment: Petition of Alternative Writ of Mandamus

Plaintiff Borrego, Aaron Atty: Stalter, Kenneth H.
Defendant First Judicial District Attorneys Office; Lujan, Felicia Atty: Long, Nancy R.

3:00 PM D-101-CV-2019-01924 Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company
New MexiCann Natural Medicine Inc, et. al.
MOTION HEARING Contract/Debt & Money Due

Comment: Defendant New Mexicann Natural Medicine, Inc.’s Motion to Dismiss for Plaintiff Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company’s Failure to Prosecute // Defendant New Mexicann Natural Medicine, Inc,’s Motion for Protective Order

Plaintiff Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company Atty: Mannal, Brian R.
Defendant Arius Tile LLC; Atain Specialty Insurance Company; New MexiCann Natural Medicine Inc Atty: Barrett, James Patrick; Demlong, William Maurice


01/14/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2019-01601 Michael Forte, et. al.,
Marlene Lennon, et. al.


Plaintiff Forte, Michael; Harris, Charie Atty: Sommer, Karl H.
Defendant E Fields, LLC; Elysian Fields-Magdalen Arom Espiritu, LLC; Lennon, Marlene Atty:


01/18/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM D-101-CV-2020-00297 Shyanne Trammell, et. al.,
Vladimir Spira, MD, et. al.
MOTION HEARING Tort Malpractice, Product Liability

Comment: Defendant Mohamad Alfaris, M.D.’s Daubert/ Alberico Motion to Exclude Testimony and Opinions of Plaintiffs’ Experts Maureen Sims, M.D. and Ronald Gabriel, M.D. // Defendant Mohamed Alfaris, M.D.’s Motion to Strike Plaintiffs’ Motion in Limine and, in the Alternative, Response to Same // Defendant Mohamed Alfaris, M.D.’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on Plaintiffs’ Claims for Punitive Damages // Defendant Mohamed Alfaris, M.D.’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on Plaintiffs’ Claims for Medical Negligence

Plaintiff Trammell, Shyanne; Trammell, Tel Atty: Mcgehee, Jack E.
Defendant Alfaris, Mohamed, MD; Dacanay, John, MD; Envision Physician Service LLC; Lovelace Health System, LLC d/b/a Lovelace Regional Hospital; Sheridan Childrens Healthcare Services of New Mexico Inc; Spira, Vladimir, MD; Tiva Healtcare Inc Atty: Alvarez, Frank; Rogers, Lee M., Jr.; Schell, Russell W.; Adams, Cristina A.; Serpe, John S.

11:30 AM D-101-CV-2017-01151 Leon Hunt, Esq
Kenny Collier, et. al.

Comment: Plaintiff’s Request for Emergency Hearing regarding Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order

Plaintiff Hunt, Leon, Esq Atty: Cornwell, Heather Ann
Defendant Anthony, Carl; Collier, Kenny; Jeilani, Alawi K; Lights On, Inc; SAIA Motor Freight Line, LLC; Shepherd, Del, Sr.; Towne Air Freight, LLC; Zamora, Diego Atty: Allensworth, Kerri L.; West, Judd C.; Struck, Raynard; Ray, Jeffry H.; Winger, Nathan Edward; Sedillo, Raul P.

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2019-02289 Joshua Minyard, et. al.,
Sandoval Construction LLC, et. al.
PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE Contract/Debt & Money Due


Plaintiff Minyard, Debra; Minyard, Joshua Atty: Beisman, Emeline B.
Defendant Fordham, Melanie K; Sandoval Construction LLC; Sandoval, Johnny Atty: Pro Se

1:17 PM D-101-CV-2020-01297 Vicki Onstad
Edward D. Jones Inc.
PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE Miscellaneous Civil


Plaintiff Onstad, Vicki Atty: Snyder, Mary Jo C.
Defendant Edward D. Jones Inc. Atty: Brooks, Kaleb Wade

1:18 PM D-101-CV-2020-01631 Sheldon Properties LLC, et. al.,
Thomas B Cohen, et. al.
PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE Contract/Debt & Money Due


Plaintiff Sheldon Properties LLC; Sheldon, George Stephen Atty: Hallmark, B. Cullen, Jr.
Defendant Authentic Southwest Windows and Doors LLC; Cohen, Thomas B Atty:

1:19 PM D-101-CV-2016-02445 Patricia Burtnett, et. al.,
Richard Aikey

Comment: [Mr. Sommer to Prepare Order to Dismiss]

Plaintiff Burtnett, Patricia; Fontes, Aaron Atty: Loranger, Tyr; Sommer, Karl H.
Defendant Aikey, Richard Atty: Coffey, Joseph B.


01/25/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM

Petitioner: Atty: Baysinger, Marcy Gentry
Respondent: Atty:

11:00 AM D-101-CV-2021-02644 In The Matter Of The Name Change of Carrie Alice Molina


Plaintiff Molina, Carrie Alice Molina, Carrie Alice Atty: Pro Se
Defendant Atty:

11:15 AM D-101-CV-2021-00410 American Express National Bank
Cherie Haymes, et. al.
MOTION HEARING Contract/Debt & Money Due

Comment: Plaintiff’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Plaintiff American Express National Bank Atty: Hale, Megan K.
Defendant Haymes, Cherie; Remedies Skin Care Atty:

11:30 AM D-101-CV-2021-01590 Manuel Romero
Cisco McSorely

Comment: Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Based on Misjoinder of a Party, for Insufficiency of Service of Process and for Failure to Join a Necessary Party under Rules 1-102(B)(7) and 1-019 NMRA and Motion for Order Requiring Joinder of Necessary Parties

Plaintiff Romero, Manuel Atty: Pro Se
Defendant McSorely, Cisco Atty: Hatcher, Scott P.

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2021-02575 In The Matter Of The Name Change of Mohammed Ahmad Suleiman


Plaintiff Suleiman, Mohammed Ahmad Suleiman, Mohammed Ahmad Atty: Pro Se
Defendant Atty:

1:30 PM D-101-CV-2020-01297 Vicki Onstad
Edward D. Jones Inc.
MOTION HEARING Miscellaneous Civil

Comment: Motion to Extend Rule 16(B) Scheduling Order Deadlines // Motion for Sanctions, or in the Alternative, to Compel Discovery against Plaintiff, Vicki Onstad // Plaintiff’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

Plaintiff Onstad, Vicki Atty: Snyder, Mary Jo C.
Defendant Edward D. Jones Inc. Atty: Brooks, Kaleb Wade


01/26/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM In The Matter Of James Albert Taylor
HEARING Probate Informal, No Will
Comment: Request for Instruction regarding Allowance // Enterprise Bank & Trust’ Motion to Set Aside Order Granting 90 Day Extension to Complete Estate Inventory // Personal Representative’s Motion to Dissolve Business and for Instruction

Petitioner: Dawkins, Lela Dawkins, Lela Enterprise Bank & Trust Atty: Rivers, Julie Simmons Rivers, Julie Simmons
Respondent: Atty:

1:15 PM D-117-CV-2021-00162 Irene Panas
David Romero

Comment: Status Conference // Defendant David Romero’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

Plaintiff Panas, Irene Atty: Pro Se
Defendant Romero, David Atty: Roh, Young-jun


01/28/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

9:00 AM D-101-CV-2020-02769 Kathy Miller, et. al.,
Matthew Miller
MOTION HEARING Miscellaneous Civil

Comment: Plaintiffs’ Motion for Approval of Attorney Fees // Plaintiffs’ Expedited Verified Motion for Civil Contempt // Defendant Matt Miller’s Motion for Reconsideration of the Order and Preliminary Injunction // Defendant Matt Miller’s Notice of Acceptance of Offer to Run the Gravel Pit and to Exercise Option to Pay Rent at the Ranch House // Plaintiff’s Request for Testimony and Exhibits // Plaintiff’s Second Motion to Compel Defendant to Answer Interrogatories

Plaintiff JF Miller Ranch LLC; JF Miller Sand and Gravel LLC; Miller, Kathy Atty: Vanamberg, Ronald J.
Defendant Miller, Matthew Atty: Rodriguez, Augustine

1:15 PM D-101-CV-2019-03044 Rene Baca
New Mexico State Fair Commission, et. al.

Comment: [Jury]

Plaintiff Baca, Rene Atty: Winters, Christopher P.
Defendant Expo New Mexico; New Mexico State Fair; New Mexico State Fair Commission Atty: Moore, Deborah L.

1:30 PM D-101-CV-2017-02541 State of New Mexico ex rel, et. al.,
Purdue Pharma LP, et. al.
STATUS CONFERENCE Civil Violations, Statutes, Ordinances

Comment: Status Conference // Plaintiff’s Objection to the Special Master’s July 30, 2021 Order Granting Defendants’ Motion to Overrule Plaintiff’s Clawback of Documents containing Aggregate, De-Identified PMP Data

Plaintiff Balderas, Hector; State of New Mexico ex rel Atty: Rael, Marcus J., Jr.; Levin & Vance Pa
Defendant Actavis LLC; Albertsons LLC; Allergan Finance LLC; Allergan PLC; Amerisourcebergen Drug Corporation; Amerisourcebergen Drug Corporation; Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC; Amneal Pharmaceuticals of NY LLC; Anda Inc; Cardinal Health 105 LLC; Cardinal Health 108 LLC; Cardinal Health 110 LLC; Cardinal Health 200 LLC; Cardinal Health 414 LLC; Cardinal Health Inc; Cardinal Health Pharmacy Services LLC; Cephalon Inc; CVS Health Corporation; CVS Orlando Fl Distribution LLC; CVS Pharmacy Inc; Endo Health Solutions Inc; Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc; Insys Therapeutics Inc; Insys Therapeutics, Inc.; Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc; Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc; Johnson & Johnson; Kroger Limited Partnership II; KVK Tech Inc; Mallinckrodt LLC; Mallinckrodt LLC; Mallinckrodt PLC; Mallinckrodt PLC; Mallincrkrodt LLC; McKesson Corporation; Noramco Inc; Noramco, Inc.; Ortho McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc; Par Pharmaceutical Companies Inc; Par Pharmaceutical Inc; Purdue Pharma Inc; Purdue Pharma LP; Smiths Food and Drug Centers Inc; Specgx LLC; Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd; Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc; The Kroger Co; The Purdue Frederick Company Inc; Walgreen Co; Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc; Walmart Inc; Watson Laboratories Inc; Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc; West Ward Pharmaceuticals Corporation Atty: Sommer, Eric M.; Jacobs, Michael E.; Hutton, Lorena Brittner; Burris, Eric R.; Baker, Douglas Arthur; Garrett, Sean E.; Schultz, Andrew G.; Olivas, Sean; Pound, John Bennett; Simons, Frieda Scott; Brody, Stephen D.; Garcia, Monica R.; Chapman, Donna L.; ; Walker, Alex Cameron; Maldegen, Larry D.; Dawes, Jaime; Byler, Kelsey Marie; Decandia, Donald A.; Houtz, Lester C.; Laskey, H. Brook; Allen, Meena H.


01/31/2022 8:00 AM Judge Francis J. Mathew General Session

10:00 AM D-101-CV-2018-01141 Kevin Korte
Corizon Health, Inc., et. al.
MOTION HEARING Civil Violations, Statutes, Ordinances

Comment: Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel Responses to Plaintiff’s Second Requests for Production and Third Interrogatories to Defendant Trinity

Plaintiff Korte, Kevin Kevin Korte Atty: Freedman, David Alan Kevin Korte
Defendant Centurion Correctional Healthcare of New Mexico, LLC; Cibola General Hospital Corporation; Corecivic of Tennessee, LLC; Corizon Health, Inc.; New Mexico Corrections Department; Trinity Services I LLC; Trinity Services I, LLC Atty: Park, Alfred A.; Slattery, William P.; Lee, Jacob B.; Blake, Michelle Marie Lalley; Wells, Deborah Denise Crow; Silva, Benjamin, Jr.

10:30 AM D-117-CV-2021-00090 Max J Martinez
Angelica Romero, et. al.

Comment: Defendant Angelica Romero’s Motion for Protective Order

Plaintiff Martinez, Max J Atty: Barnhill, Lynn A.
Defendant Progressive Direct Insurance Company; Romero, Angelica Atty: Padilla, Richard M.

10:45 AM D-101-CV-2019-03119 Bruce Duran
Secure Payment Solutions, et. al.

Comment: Defendant Rendon’s Motion to Compel Plaintiff’s Answers and Responses to Defendant Rendon’s First Set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production

Plaintiff Duran, Bruce Atty: Dunn, A. Blair
Defendant Day, Halleh; Filibeck, Mike; Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees; Kubiak, John; Lujan, Eric J; Rendon, Laura; Secure Payment Solutions Atty: Bowles, Robert Jason; Simons, Frieda Scott; Cruz, Ernestina R.