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First Judicial District Court


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Adult Drug & Treatment Courts

The First Judicial District Court operates an Adult Drug Court, an Adult Treatment Court and a Pre-Trial Services Program.

Adult Drug Court is an intensive, court-supervised, substance-abuse treatment program that defendants can be ordered to successfully complete as a condition of their probation. The Adult Treatment Court is also an intensive, court-supervised treatment program that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues. The programs are a minimum of nine- to twelve-months in length, and are designed to treat a participant’s drug or alcohol addiction and mental health condition, and to supervise and monitor a participant’s compliance with the programs’ requirements, including drug and alcohol testing, individual or group counseling, education, employment and community service. 


First Judicial District – Santa Fe County Drug Court
Marcella Armijo
Phone: 505-455-8187

First Judicial District Court Treatment Court
Marcella Armijo
Phone: 505-455-8187
First Judicial District – Rio Arriba County Drug Court
Andrea Martinez
Phone: 505-753-8933

Pretrial Services Program

The Pretrial Services Program provides services and supervision to defendants while they are on conditions of release pending the outcome of their criminal cases.

First Judicial District Court – Pretrial Services
Pretrial Services Main Line
Phone:  505-984-3984